Welcome to the Post-Conference Website: 8th European Conference on Religion, Spirituality and Health, June 2-4, 2022

Topic: Religious, Spiritual and Existential Aspects in Mental Health Care

In Cooperation with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherland


First of all we thank all the contributors for this inspiring Conference. We look back on three days filled with a state-of-the-art program based on a interdisciplinary approach and an exciting scientific exchange with national and international colleagues! 

All the recorded videos are now available either directly on Youtube or on our conference website: keynotes you find here, symposia here and free communication here. If there is no video link in the overview, the session has not be recorded. Also check out all the amazing posters here.

Furthermore the Religions Journal is publishing the Special Issue "Religion, Spirituality and Health".

Now we are excited to look forward to a next conference in May/June 2024.




The Organizing Committees

René Hefti, MD
Prof. Arndt Büssing, MD

International Organising and Scientific Committee ECRSH22, European Board,
Research Institute RISH, Switzerland

Prof. Arjan Braam, MD
Prof. Hanneke Schaap-Jonker

University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht and 
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands
Local Organising Committee ECRSH22