Symposium I

Existential concerns in late life:  An overview of research at the Meaning Research Late Life Lab (KU Leuven)

1. Deconnectedness: An existential theme among nursing home residents? An exploration of the relationships between deconnectedness, meaninglessness, and depressive symptoms. MP4
2. “Weariness of life” -- an attempt at a definition MP4
3. Existential Loneliness? What are we talking about? Findings from a scoping review on Existential Loneliness MP4


Symposium II

God representations and religious struggles among psychiatric patients: scientific and clinical reflections

1. God hides His face: religious struggles among psychiatric inpatients, a bottom-up approach  
2. Do personality factors mediate the association between religious feelings / coping and persisting course trajectory of late life depression? Results from the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam  
3. Maladaptive cognitive schemas as mediator between attachment style and God representations  
4. God representations and change in the course of personality disorder psychotherapy  


Symposium III

Corona Pandemic, Faith and Mental Health

1. Death reflection / anxiety, stressors and wellbeing during the Coronavirus pandemic in students, hospital and university workers – a cross-sectional survey MP4
2. Feelings of loneliness / social isolation and depressive mood states with the different phases of the corona pandemic are less relevantly related to indictors of spirituality MP4
3. Loss and grief under the conditions of the corona pandemic - How do grieving relatives feel about their needs for pastoral or psychological support? MP4
4. Loss of faith and decrease of trust in Higher Source during the Corona pandemic MP4


Symposium IV

Meaning and Personality Disorders: a conceptual and empirical exploration

1. Meaning in life in Personality Disorder MP4
2. Love, Hope and Faith MP4
3. Meaning as an orientation process MP4


Symposium V

Spiritual care implementations in mental health care organizations: pilot studies

1. Motivations of professionals in ambulatory mental health care to pay attention to spirituality and meaning-making MP4
2. Spirituality and meaning-making in recovery-oriented care MP4
3. Possibilities of an e-health module to provide insights into the patient's spiritual needs MP4
4. A pilot study on building an e-health on spirituality and meaning-making, from the perspective of mental health professionals MP4


Symposium VI

Person-centered care – its potential for integrating religious and spiritual issues within the practice of mental healthcare

1. Conceptual aspects of integration MP4

2. Similarities and differences between Person-centered care and Tournier's Medicine of the Person MP4
3. Psychotherapy and religion, spirituality and meaning making - Clinical examples of intergration MP4