Please find the symposia abstracts in the conference folder.

Symposium I

Forgiveness and Psychological Functioning: A Theoretical, Empirical, and Clinical Perspective

1. Forgiveness in a Context of Mental Health: A Psychodynamic ApproachPDF
2. The Inner Side of Forgiveness: Transforming Movements in Heart and MindPDF
3. Forgiveness: A Positive Psychological Resource for Late Life Well-BeingPDF

Symposium II

‘Psychosis and Spirituality’, Medical and Religious/ Spiritual Explanatory Models

1. Prevalence and Types of Religious Delusions in Late Life Psychiatric Disorders in the Netherlands
2. Religion and Meaning in Life Among Swiss Patients With Severe Mental DisordersPDF
3. Religious and Spiritual Experiences of Dutch Patients With Bipolar DisordersVideo

Symposium III

Spiritual Care in Palliative Care

1. Spiritual Care in Palliative Care: The Current State of the Science
2. Forgiveness and Meanings of Spiritual Wellbeing for Participants in the Validation of the EO- RTC QLQ-SWB32: A Measure of Spiritual Wellbeing for Palliative Care Patients
3. Bonds Stronger Than Death: The Role of Hospices as Facilitators of Memorialisation
4. Muslim and Christian Cancer Patients’ Need for Existential and Spiritual Care in a Secular SocietyPDF

Symposium IV

Church-based Volunteers in Community Care / Mental Health and Missions

1. Church-based Volunteers in Community Care: Offering Support to Informal CaregiversPDF
2. Global Mental Health and Missions – Toward a Holistic Paradigm of Care and CounselPDF

Symposium V

Spirituality and Health in Different Populations

1. Migration, Mental Health and Spirituality and Religion - What Are Needs -Do We Meet Them?
2. The Attitudes Towards Religiosity and Spirituality in the Secular Environment of the Czech Republic
3. Spirituality: Replicating or Remediating Colonisation?
4. Exploring How the Spiritual Needs of Patients Living With Dementia are Addressed Within Care and Treatment Plans (CTPs) in Three Health Boards in WalesPDF

Symposium VI

BASS Symposium I

1. Singing, Spirituality and the Recovery MovementPDF
2. Taking Care Not to Silence the DeadPDF
3. Spiritual Perspectives on Dementia: the Alzheimers Society ForumPDF
4. The Lived Experience of Hope in Patients With Eating Disorder: Counselling Implications