The following posters has been presented

  • Religious Intensity and Religious Crisis as Factors affecting Physician's Attitudes towards Patients (Jakub Pawlikowski) PDF document
  • The Psychological Outcomes of Religious Coping with Stressful Life Events (Yi-Yung Liu) PDF document
  • The Multidimensional Measure of Prayer Behaviour: Development and Location within Eysenck's Dimensional Model of Personality (Christopher Lewis) PDF document
  • Quality of Life of Men with Alcohol Dependence Syndrome (Indrek Linnuste) PDF document
  • Medical Students Perception on Religion/Spirituality and Spiritual Care: Results of an Austrian Pilot Study (Anahita Paula Rassoulian)
  • Centrality of Religion and Health Behaviour among Medicine and Clerical Students (Marek Jarosz) PDF document
  • Telehealth and the Medical Spiritual Dimension (Flavio Burgarella) PDF document
  • The Relationship between Psychiatric Staff's own Spirituality and their Attitudes towards Religiosity/Spirituality of Patients (Eunmi Lee) PDF document
  • Addiction and Spirituality: The Role of Religion, Religiousness and Spirituality in the Process of Addiction and Recovery (Mary Rute Esperandio) PDF document