Free Communication

Friday, May 18, 16:00-17:30 - four parts in parallel

Session 1: The Role of Religion and Spirituality in Hospice Work and End of Life Care

  • Spiritual Care at the End of Life: Meaning and Practice (Jacqueline Watts) PDF document
  • Making Life Rather than Making Sense: Integration of Spirituality into the Daily Practice in a Hospice (Wai Leng Tong)
  • Perspectives on Religion and Spirituality in Hospice Palliative Care (Harold Coward) PDF document

Session 2: Theorizing the Field

  • Religiosity, Religiousness and Spirituality from a Cognitive Religious Science Perspective (Peter Kaiser) Icon Audio PDF document

Session 3: Comparing and Approaching different Cultural Traditions

  • Spirituality and Religiousness as a Friend in Need? German-Chilean Intra- and Intercultural Comparisions in Depressive Symptomatology (Christina Hunger)
  • Positive Psychology and the Provision of Religiously-sensitive Mental Health Support Services to Cultural Minoritiy Groups in the UK (Kate Miriam Loewenthal) PDF document
  • Spiritual Definitions from New Zealand: A Map of the Terrain (Richard Egan) PDF document

Session 4: Spirituality and Religion in diffrent Populations and Institutions

  • Religious Struggle in Swiss Patients visited by Chaplains: Prevalence and Correlates (Urs Winter-Pfaendler)
  • Christianity and Quality Indicators: A Hospital Perspective (Jürgen Stausberg) PDF document
  • Implicit and Explicit Self-Regulation and Spirituality: A Comparative Study with Students and Elder Persons (Barbara Hanfstingl) PDF document
  • Spirituality in Children and their Parents predicts positive Mental Health (Andrew J. P. Francis) PDF document