Hotels in Bern

For the contributors of our conference we have reserved a limited contingent of rooms in hotels close to the conference venue. Ask the conference office!

For all other attendees we can make some recommendations. You also find a lot of information in the internet. Ask for special weekend-offers (for example “3 for 2”). Generally spoken Berne is a town of short distances (easy and nice to walk) and good public transport.

Hotel Arabelle

situated in the University quarter of Berne the railway station, the historic centre of the town and the Insel-Spital are easy to reach with a walk of less than 10 minutes.
Prices beginning from CHF 95,-

Sorell Hotel Arabella
Mittelstrasse 6
CH-3012 Bern
Phone +41 31 301 03 05
Fax +41 31 302 42 62